Safe Alone, Inc. Wants Public Places to Be Safe Again.

We work to create safer, fear-free environments through awareness and women’s empowerment.
Our goal is to invite others to join us in the fight to take back our public places. By setting up a self- defense and safety class you can stand with us to let others know that we will no longer sit back and accept violence as a part of our lives. Public places belong to law abiding citizens.



Carrying the Torch for Jenny

Safe Alone, Inc. was founded on the desire to teach women and girls how to fight back after Founder Paige Slocumb’s sister, Jenny, was tragically killed. Jenny fought back. SAI continues her fight to make public places safe again. Paige shares her sister’s story and her response via SAI here.

On July 25, 2006, during the middle of the day, Jenny Ewing was riding her bike on the Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta. She had her cell phone with her and was also equipped with pepper spray. Someone came out of the woods, dragged her off of her bike and back into the woods. Jenny was strong, and she fought back scratching and even biting her attacker; however, he ultimately brutally assaulted her and then beat and kicked her to death. Jenny was vigilant – she was safety conscious and intelligent. She still didn’t have a chance.

Because of this tragedy, my family is committed to making public places safe again. Many people have voiced the concern that people should not go out in public alone. Jenny should have been safe alone. No one should have to worry about being alone in a public place. We should take back our community parks, playgrounds and recreation areas. Violent criminals are scaring people back into their houses. It is time for citizens to scare the criminals out of our way.

Our goal is to promote safety in public places and at home. Safe Alone offers free self- defense and safety classes to women all over Georgia.  We would like to raise awareness of violent crimes and offer solutions to this growing problem. Please click on our Resources Tab to find sites that will help increase your personal knowledge of self- defense and personal safety devices. Please join us in this fight to take back our public places because no one should
be afraid to be alone.