We Offer Free Self Defense Classes!

Founder Paige Slocumb is a certified self-defense instructor. We work best with groups, and we look forward to serving your office, church group or friends, no matter the group size. We have taught classes with as few as 3 people and as many as 400.

Class Options
LISTEN: 45-60 minute talk on safety (for men and women)
LISTEN, SEE: talk and demonstration 1-1.5 hours
LISTEN, SEE, ACT: talk with self- defense instruction and participation 2-3 hours

Rape Escape / Women’s Empowerment and Girls on Guard is a self defense program developed as a realistic approach not only to getting out of an assault situation but how to avoid rape. This is very important for females of all ages, but it is especially essential information for females in high school and entering college.